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Latte, Mocha, Caramel Latte, Cappuccino, Traditional Macchiato, Breve                Fresh brewed Drip Coffee.
Chai Tea: Oregon or Tazo;  Clean or Dirty (add espresso)                                          Fresh brewed Iced Tea.
Hot Tea variety of flavors.                                                                                                Tea Latte variety of flavors.
Italian Soda variety of flavors.                                                                                         Hot Cocoa and Steamers.
Cold Brew and Nitro on tap

PASTRY: *made in house and from scratch.
Muffin:  full of gluten or gluten free.                                            Scones: full of gluten or gluten free.

Cheesecake: the best around!                                                       Crumb cake: full of gluten or gluten free.

Cinnamon roll: with or without icing.                                           Pastry of the day: It's a surprise!
Exploding bread: pesto, mozzarella and parmesan.                 Meat Pie: similar to a bierock.
Gertie Cake: cinnamon, apples and pecans. (a Bakeshop signature.)  

*Bakeshop bagels are made in house, fresh daily and boiled the traditional way. We offer a variety of housemade spreads too.
Plain - Everything - Cheddar jalapeno - Parmesan garlic - Sesame - Poppy seed - Cinnamon

Homemade flaky crust with a fluffy, eggy filling. Meat and veggie options available.  Served with or without a side salad.

*served until Noon*
Paleo Plate:  2 eggs, 3 bacon strips or 2 sausage patties
Matt’s Omelet:  2 egg omelet filled with sautéd spinach served with 2 bacon strips or a sausage patty.  Add cheese or keep it cheeseless.
Breakfast Burrito:  tortilla  2 eggs, cheese and salsa.  Add veggies and protein.
Fully Loaded Burrito: tortilla, 2 eggs, cheese, salsa, chorizo sausage, corn and pepper blend, black beans, and potatoes.
Breakfast Bagel Sandwich:  Egg and cheese.  Add veggies and protein.

*bread choices include gluten free bread, scratch made Focaccia, or Rye, or Tortilla 
Chicken Wrap: sliced chicken breast, lemon artichoke spread, spinach, roasted red pepper, and red onion. 
Rueben:  Corned beef, local Farmer Fred sauerkraut, swiss cheese, 1000 island dressing, Rye bread.
Veggie Panini: oven roasted portobello mushroom, carrot slaw, sprouts, house roasted tomatoes, spinach, swiss cheese, and artichoke lemon spread.
Adult grilled cheese: Pesto, fresh mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese.
Turkey Panini:  Turkey, plain cream cheese, sprouts, red onion.
Kid’s sandwich:  Meat, mayo and cheese.
Kid’s Grilled Cheese:  The classic, but better.

TREATS:*changes daily
Brownies, Blondies, Cookies, Rice krispy treats, Cupcakes, Fruit bars, Lemon bars